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Defence News 03/05/2017
Australian troops to be equipped with chemical detectors from Bertin Technologies

Australian troops will be equipped with Bertin Technologies' Second Sight MS stand-off detector of chemical threats.

The France-based company, which is a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, said in a 27 April statement that it had been chosen by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to provide the system.

The Second Sight MS is a remote gas-detection system employing an infrared sensor in real time and designed to detect threats such as chemical warfare agents or toxic industrial gases.

According to company, the system enables the stand-off detection, identification, and full visualisation of a gas cloud at a range of up to 5 km.

"The Second Sight is composed of different modules, providing it with unrivalled flexibility of use and versatility as well as compactness, deployability, and operability," Romain Verollet, who is in charge of the company's Defence & Security product range, said in the statement.

"Another key advantage of our equipment is its ability to detect unexpected chemical threats in an asymmetric warfare scenario, no matter which is the type of gas used or the location of its dispersal," he added.

The statement did not reveal how many units of the system will be purchased by the ADF or when they will be delivered.

It is also unclear how many ADF units will operate the system.

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