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Border Security Expo

31st Jan - 2nd Feb, 2018

Now in its 12th year, Border Security Expo is the only major conference and expo fully addressing border security and has become the go-to destination for federal, state and local government leaders and law enforcement personnel. Security Expo 2018 will take place in San Antonio, Texas (January 31st – February 2nd, at the Henry Gonzalez Convention Center).

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Border Security Expo 2018

The southwestern border security community is the Nation‘s first line of defense against transnational criminals. By assembling the numerous agencies and private-industry involved in fulfilling the border security mission, Border Security Expo, now in its 12th year, serves as a concrete extension to the various federal, state & local organizations working hand in hand for more effective and efficient inter-agency communication and deployment of assets, personnel and resources.


Border Security Expo 2016

Who should attend:

Criminal activities are as technologically sophisticated as they are diverse, requiring law enforcement to continually renew their expertise, equipment, education and training. As the border also serves as a port of entry for legal goods, services and people, they need to be moved as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining strict levels of security. Border Security Expo, the largest of its kind anywhere in the world, is the annual stage for local, city, state and federal law enforcement, and those affiliated with border security to:

  • Hear from Global leaders what’s new in border security policy, tactics and tools
  • Meet face-to-face with 125+ companies displaying the latest equipment, technology and services aimed at increasing security while facilitating legitimate trade and travel
  • Exchange ideas, information and experience with peers and industry colleagues from the U.S. and abroad

Border Security Expo puts you on the inside track to the latest policies, technology and services available, so you can achieve your mission.


Border Security Expo 2016

About the Conference:

Border Security Expo presents timely information and underscores the importance of inter-agency cooperation from local, state and federal law enforcement - both of which keep your personnel at the forefront of new capabilities and technologies to combat sophisticated and adaptive criminal enterprises.


Border Security Expo 2016


  • Enhancing Border Security: Local Initiatives and Strategies
  • UAV/Drone Detection and Monitoring
  • Biometrics in Border Security
  • Cyber Security/Cyber Crime - The Virtual Border
  • Integration of Air and Marine Forces on the Border

Keynotes from:

  • Randolph D. Alles, Acting Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Mark Borkowski, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Acquisition, U.S. Customs & Border Protection
  • Thomas D. Homan, Acting Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Chief William P. McManus, Chief of Police, San Antonio, TX
  • Patrick J. Nemeth, Director, Identity Operations Division, Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), Department of Homeland Security
  • Tony Smith, Managing Director, Fortinus Global; Former Head, U.K. Border Force
  • Ronald Vitiello, Chief, U.S. Border Patrol

Visit our Conference Schedule for the latest 2018 updates as they are announced.

Border Security Expo 2016
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Border Securty Expo
31st Jan - 2nd Feb, 2018
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio
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