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CU Phosco Lighting

Exterior Lighting

CU Phosco Lighting (formerly known as Concrete Utilities) is the longest established and premier outdoor lighting group in the UK. We design and manufacture exterior lighting luminaries, floodlights, lighting columns and masts. Our lighting columns and masts range from 3 metres to 60 metres in height and can be seen at motorways, airports, ports, roads, carparks, railways and sports stadiums across the world.

We have, since 1923, led the exterior lighting market here in the UK and worldwide. From our head office in Hertfordshire we offer our customers a comprehensive package, from the initial consultation to the design and the final colour presentation of a CAD lighting scheme, through manufacture of luminaires and floodlights to delivery and installation.

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CU Phosco Lighting are the market leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high mast lighting, specialising in Airport Lighting. CU Phosco Lighting undertakes contracts at airports worldwide, working closely with numerous large facilities including Heathrow, Manchester, Dubai, Bristol, Abu Dhabi, Dublin and Beijing.

Our high masts and luminaires are present in the most demanding climatic conditions from typhoon winds in the South China Sea to the high temperatures of the Middle Eastern summer.

As a company we look after our customer from initial consultation through to installation, final commissioning and follow up maintenance. Our dedicated Contract Services Division is able to manage your projects in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. To achieve this we recognise the need to build honest relationships with our customers, to offer products at fair prices and importantly to support our customers on the use, maintenance and eventually replacement of our equipment. This all adds up to a level of support which is unparalleled in the lighting industry.

To read about some of our recent Airport Installations please see the following links:


FL800R LED Floodlights High Masts - Stanstead Airport
FL800R LED Floodlights High Masts - Stanstead Airport


CU Phosco Lighting are the market leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high mast lighting, one of our specialist areas is Port Lighting. CU Phosco Lighting undertakes contracts at ports worldwide, working closely with numerous large Port operators, including DP World, APM and ICTSA and facilities including Dover Docks UK, Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi, Hamad Port Qatar, Manila Port Philippines, Gladstone Port Australia, Sydney Port Botany and Lirquen Port Chile.

To be confident in providing the quality and support our customers require, we manufacture products which meet the customer’s technical performance and which are also appropriate for the environment into which they will be placed. Sometimes these aims are contradictory and it is then where the knowledge and experience of our staff is called upon by customers to ensure the best compromise of performance and durability is achieved.

Our Contract Services Division are an experienced team who are able to supply, install and maintain high masts using their own ASLEC and NICEIC certified personnel.

To read about a recent Port Lighting Installations please see the following link:


FL800R LED Floodlight on 40m High Masts - Lirquen Port
FL800R LED Floodlight on 40m High Masts - Lirquen Port


CU Phosco Lighting undertakes contracts at on roads, highways residential areas and carparks worldwide. Recent projects include schemes for Transport for London, Kent County Council, London Borough of Lambeth, Bournemouth County Council, Manchester Airport and Stansted Airport.
P860 LED Road Lighting
P860 LED Road Lighting


CU Phosco Lighting has been working with mobile phone operators since the birth of the mobile telecommunication industry and in that time have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture and on time delivery of antenna masts and antenna mast packages. All types of antenna masts are available including monopoles, sector columns, street poles and other solutions including lighting columns.

The majority of our antenna mast products are manufactured from steel and are hot dip galvanised and we are able to provide painted where specified. Design calculations and checks must be undertaken to ensure the integrity of the antenna mast structure and that the antennas are operational within the specified limits of their manufacturers and the mobile phone operators. The design team can advise on the most efficient method of upgrade of existing sites based on their knowledge and the company’s flexible manufacturing capability.

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Antenna Mast
Antenna Mast
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CU Phosco Lighting
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