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SDE - System Design Evaluation Ltd

Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions & Explosives Technical Advice

Experts in the provision of Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (WOME) systems engineering, safety & environmental advice, design & modelling and trials planning & conduct.

System Design Evaluation Ltd is an independent Technology Company. Our core business is the provision of impartial requirements management, assessment, design, development and safety management of platforms, munitions and weapon systems. We apply our systems engineering processes to assist our customers at any stage of product lifecycles, ranging from requirements definition to Safety and Suitability for Service trials.

Covering land, sea and air domains we provide technical support and advice to government agencies and industry. This ranges from assisting policy makers define capability needs to provision of technical assistance at operational level in R&D and procurement.

The extensive knowledge base, skills and experience of our multi-disciplined project teams enable SDE to fully support and populate the many processes that contribute to the CADMID cycle and Defence Lines of Development (DLOD) to support coherent delivery of capability to Front Line Commands.

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Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions & Explosives Technical Advice - 23/01/2017

SDE Completes DGM Safety Environmental and Management Plan Update

SDE provides Safety and Environmental Management support to Defence General Munitions (DGM) Project Team as part of a multi-year contract. 

SDE provides Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) as the technical lead to undertake the support required to manage DGMs diverse range of Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) stores and equipment.  SDE’s Land Systems Safety team have deep domain knowledge (Def Stan 00-56 and JSP 520) and impressive track record in the use and provision of safety, environmental and technical documentation and management support within both DGM PT and the wider MOD.

SDE have completed a Review and Update of the DGM Safety Environmental and Management Plan (SEMP). The SEMP identifies the procedures to be followed to manage the safety and environmental issues of OME managed by DGM PT.  It identifies the responsibilities and structure of the Safety and Environmental Management Committee (SEMC) and the Project Safety and Environmental Panel (PSEP) for reviewing and managing OME Safety and Environmental Cases.

To deliver this task SDE facilitated SEMP workshops with key DGM Safety Personnel and Project Managers. The output from these workshops was a completely revised and updated Draft SEMP ready for review by the DGM Safety and Environmental Management Committee (SEMC). SDE supported the SEMC and incorporated comments to facilitate endorsement by the DGM Senior Management Team. The updated SEMP brought the DGM Processes and Procedures in line with the latest version of JSP 520 and introduced new sections incorporating areas such as airworthiness and risk referral. The Final SEMP at Version 7.0 was delivered by SDE to DGM on time and to cost and signed by the DGM Team Leader.

Safety and Environmental Management is a core element of SDE’s business. SDE has a deeply developed understanding of Safety and Environmental policies and legislation and has successfully delivered support to a wide range of MoD Project Teams.

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