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2nd UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe Conference - 16/08/2017

Interview Released with Slovenian MoD's Secretary Logistics Directorate, Ahead of 2nd UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe

SMi Group released new interview with Secretary Logistics Directorate, Ministry of Defence, Slovenia, Marko Gruden, ahead of his talk at the 2nd UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe conference this September.


At the conference, Mr Gruden will discuss the current operational level of UAV within the Slovenian Armed Forces. He will explain how UAV is used as a data gathering and surveillance tool and provide updates on the Slovenian MoD’s procurement plan to acquire new capabilities. 

In the run up to the conference, SMi spoke to Mr Marko Gruden about his work and developments in the UAV market.


Q. What are the major trends and developments in the UAV market and how has this impacted your programme and project?

The technology is rapidly improving. In less than 2 years the IP technology is proven. The benefits are in better video resolution and safer frequency management. These are the main reasons for our decision to upgrade our UAVS.


Q. What are the current needs and challenges facing the CEE region and how advanced UAVS help to solve them?

Current needs for government areas are in 3 areas: Military, Police and in Protection in natural and other disasters. At present government users are at the stage of capacity planning or in the training phase – introducing the UAVS in regular service.


Q. Can the boundaries between military and civil UAV be sustained?

The difference between civil and military UAVS in the field of mini category is not necessary to be sustained but the regulation shall have to keep the control of their use.


Q. What are the key areas that should be prioritised for UAV capability development?

For implementing the UAVS in regular service the most important is legislation and human factor. We pay a lot of intention in training program. UAVS operators receive a license after successful completion of the training program. Training program is conducted by Military Aviation School and is based on the Operational Manual for the Military Air Force.


Q. What can we learn from the commercial UAVs?

Speaking about the UAVS in mini category it is important to be aware of potential threat. Development of UAVS technology and commercial accessibility on other hand is reality and implementing the counter measures capabilities shall be therefore must in coming years.

From commercial UAVS we can learn how technology is rapidly developing and how is always possibility of misusing. It is a very common story from everyday life.


The full interview is available to read in the event download centre

Other notable presenters include: Bundeswehr, Canadian Army, Croatian Ministry of Defence, Czech Armed Forces, Czech University of Defence, Estonian MoD, Formion SA, Hellenic Army General Staff, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Latvian MoD, Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems, Macedonian Army, Ministry of Transport Czech Republic, NSPA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, PA Consulting, Slovenian MoD, Swedish Defence University, US Army Europe and much more...

The 2-day conference will provide progress updates on procurement and development of UAV capability in Central and Eastern Europe as well as enable attendees to explore the current needs and challenges facing the region and gain an understanding of UAV’s role in optimising command and control. Meet senior representatives from leading CEE nations that are actively acquiring and upgrading their UAV capability and hear the very latest technological developments from research and industry that are enhancing operational deployment of UAV.

Further information is available at online at:  

UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe

27th-28th September 2017

Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic   

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