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The SMi Group is a highly Professional, Independent and Global event producing company that specialises in Business to Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and Training. We create and deliver events within Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest Quality Events in Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical sectors, which are timely, relevant and important to you and your company!

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Border Security 2018 - 22/11/2017

The rise of biometric technology: border security perspectives from US DHS, UK, Australia and EU

With a recent surge of nations utilising biometric technologies to achieve 'seamless and autonomous' border controls, SMi Group's Border Security 2018 conference will provide presentations on this essential and timely topic.

This comes at a relevant time with the European Parliament recently approving a new entry/exit system to store biometric info of all non-EU citizens visiting the EU Schengen area by 2020, which could include British citizens in a post-Brexit era. Similarly, the US Department of Homeland Security is looking to implement facial recognition capabilities to expedite border crossing processes.

Presentations at the conference include:

  • EU PROTECT: Building Advanced Biometric-Based Identification System for Robust Border Checks
    PROFESSOR JAMES FERRYMAN, Professor of Computational Vision Computer Science, University of Reading and Project Lead, EU 'PROTECT' Project

Updates and progress made for EU PROTECT including legal, social and ethical analysis of the PROTECT contactless biometric ID system, challenges facing the project and future timeframes.

  • Updates on Biometrics Strategies in Immigration from US Department of Homeland Security
    LEE BOWES, Acting Deputy Associate Director, Immigration Records and Identity Services Directorate, US Citizen and Immigration Services, US Department of Homeland Security

How the DHS is enhancing identity management practices through expanded biometrics and plans to replace transactional processes with upfront enrolment and subsequent verification.

  • Deploying Next-Generation Security Recognition Systems
    PATRICK NEMETH, Director of Identity Operations Division, Office of Biometric Identity Management, US Department of Homeland Security

Updates on the Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART) Program as well as multi-module capabilities, new modularity plug and play specifications and EU information-sharing

  • Next Generation Biometric Intitiatives and Border Management in Australia
    PAUL CROSS, Assistant Secretary Enterprise Biometrics, Identity and Bioometrics Division, Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Project Seamless Traveller - extending the use of self-processing technologies to 90% of travellers in airports and developing next-gen border security capabilities by industry and international cooperation

More information can be found on

With the migration crisis ongoing throughout the Mediterranean and mainland Europe, free-movement a critical and divisive focus of the BREXIT negotiations, as well as a new administration in the White House, SMi Group's Border Security 2018 promises to be more topical and relevant than ever before.

Featured speakers also include representatives from Italian Navy, Portuguese Maritime Authority and Ministry of Defence, Swedish National Bureau of Investigation, Borders and Immigration UK, Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, Schiphol Airport, Airpol and more.

Those interested in attending are advised to register on the event website. There is currently a £200 Early Bird discount which expires on 30 November.

To get full access of the complete updated programme and topics, visit

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