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SMi Group Ltd

Global Event Producing Company

The SMi Group is a highly Professional, Independent and Global event producing company that specialises in Business to Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and Training. We create and deliver events within Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest Quality Events in Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical sectors, which are timely, relevant and important to you and your company!

We pride ourselves on being connected to the best and most Knowledgeable Expert speakers in your business sector. We believe in bringing you together with your peers in order to Learn, Engage, Share and Network with the very best. We hold events in over 30 major cities throughout the world including London, Paris, Singapore and have welcomed over 200k participants from 80 countries to our events.

We are Experts in knowing Experts and have been bringing you this Expertise since 1993!

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Cyber Resilience A New Perspective on Security Masterclass 2016 - 04/01/2016

Don't miss the chance to attend the upcoming defence security masterclass taking place 14th March 2016 in London.

It's time to make plans for 2016, so don't miss the chance to attend any of the upcoming defence security masterclass ‘Cyber Resilience A New Perspective on Security’, taking place 14 March 2016 in London.

Developing advanced cyber security strategies for the creation of a layered cyber defence, Cyber Resilience: A New Perspective on Security shall explore the establishment of a comprehensive defence from contemporary cyber threats to critical national infrastructure.

As well as the strategies and architectures necessary for the establishment of this protection, the master class will explore optimal protocol for organizations of all sizes to take the necessary steps to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Specifically, the ability to recover quickly in the event of a cyber-attack on their network and deal with the fall out of such an attack.


  • Understand the contemporary threats to critical national infrastructure, the approaches of attackers and their intentions
  • Master cyber security strategies and architectures for a thorough 1st line of defence from cyber threats, in doing so, build a more cyber resilient enterprise
  • Prepare for the event in which your organisation’s cyber security is breached, effectively respond and recover by minimizing its impact and restore the functions of your people, processes and systems as soon as possible

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Book by 29th January to save £100 – Book by 29th February to save £50

Vasileios Raptis, Hellenic Army, Former Assistant Chief of Staff ACOS J6, CIS & Cyber Defence Directorate, SHAPE HQ, NATO
Drawing on extensive experience, from a career spent at the forefront of CIS and Cyber security, within both the Greek Army and NATO’s CIS and Cyber Defence domain, the workshop shall benefit from the guidance of Major General Vasileios Raptis.

Major General Vasileios Raptis, former Assistant Chief Of Staff (ACOS J6) CIS & Cyber Defence at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) Headquarters, took over his duties on 21st May 2013. He was responsible for directing and overseeing all CIS and Cyber Defence function area activities across Allied Command Operations (ACO), at all levels of command and for all ongoing operations and exercises.

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