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The SMi Group is a highly Professional, Independent and Global event producing company that specialises in Business to Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and Training. We create and deliver events within Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest Quality Events in Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical sectors, which are timely, relevant and important to you and your company!

We pride ourselves on being connected to the best and most Knowledgeable Expert speakers in your business sector. We believe in bringing you together with your peers in order to Learn, Engage, Share and Network with the very best. We hold events in over 30 major cities throughout the world including London, Paris, Singapore and have welcomed over 200k participants from 80 countries to our events.

We are Experts in knowing Experts and have been bringing you this Expertise since 1993!

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Defence Exports Conference 2017 - 24/05/2017

8 leading industry experts highlight best practice guidelines at DEFENCE EXPORTS 2017

SMi's Defence Exports 2017 Conference to feature industry-driven presentations from BAE, Boeing, Leonardo, Northrop Grumman, Rolls-Royce and more.

The ever-changing regulatory environment for the defence trade landscape continues to be increasingly complex. Thus, companies within the sector continue to improve their programmes to ensure adaptation and compliance. In line with this, SMi Group’s 12th annual Defence Exports Conference will showcase 8 key presentations that will highlight best practice for complying with export controls and regulations led by key industry accounts.

  • ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF AN EXPORT CONTROL COMPLIANCE PROGRAMME - Sue Tooze, Deputy Head of Export Control, Group Legal, BAE SYSTEMS - Highlights include BAE's policies and procedures including development of key personnel, compliance and audit and their programmes to ensure continuous improvement.
  • PRACTICAL INSIGHTS ON ADDRESSING NEW AND EVOLVING COMPLIANCE RISKS - Bryon Angvall, Director of Global Trade Controls, THE BOEING COMPANY - Highlights include global exports compliance programmes line with sanction developments, eliminating key compliance risks, and the positive impact of ITAR changes to Boeing's support of US national security and foreign policy priorites.
  • SKILLFUL FACILITATION: HOW EFFECTIVE TRADE COMPLIANCE BRINGS SUCCESS TO THE BUSINESS LIFECYCLE - Bill Wade, Vice President, International Licensing and Compliance, L3 TECHNOLOGIES - Highlights include a talk on understanding when and where corporate trade requirements and regulatory controls are required for success, knowing the internal customer's process from "interest through post" as well as stakeholder roadblocks.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH EXPORT CONTROL LAWS: A MULTINATIONAL'S EXPERIENCE - Pierfilippo Rossetti, Head of Trade Compliance, Legal, Corporate Affairs and Compliance, LEONARDO - Highlights include the Leonardo Trade Compliance Programme and how it integrates into the internal control system as well as sensitive countries for the company.
  • DEFENCE EXPORTS: CHASING TECHNOLOGY FROM US AND UK PERSPECTIVE - Suzanne Reifman, Director of Global Trade Management and Beth Ann Johnson, Director of European Regional Trade Compliance, Global Trade Management, NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION - Highlights include identification and tracking of controlled technology received to compliance with use, transfer and re-export conditions as well as understanding regulatory requirements, authorisations and limitations of derivative technology.
  • KEY CHALLENGES FOR COMPLIANCE AND BEST PRACTICE AT ROLLS-ROYCE - Warren Bayliss, Global Head of Export Controls - Defence, ROLLS-ROYCE - Highlights include the company's strategies for constantly improving tools and processes to meet business and regulatory requirements, putting export control at the heart of the business and global movement of Goods, Software and technology.
  • BEST PRACTICES FOR ITAR COMPLIANCE: A EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE - Rosa Rosanelli, Head of International Trade Compliance, AIM NORWAY - Highlights include an update on procedures and conformity with EAR, ITAR regulations and FMS requirements and impications of working with Air Forces FMS originated material
  • ASSESSING THE CHALLENGES OF COMPLYING WITH EU AND US REGULATIONS - Laurence Carey, Group Trade Control Manager, MARSHALL AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE GROUP - Highlights include an overview of how Marshall interacts efficieently with US and EU industry to esure compliance and an overview of the key similarities, differences and respective challenges.

Defence Exports 2017 will also feature leading government representatives from nations including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, as well as top policy makers from NATO and European Commission.

View the full roster of speakers and the complete list of presentations, including information on our four exclusive pre- and post-conference workshops on

Defence Exports 2017 will look at how regulation controls such as ITAR, EAR, ECR and Dual-Use are affecting European and Global compliance; crucial updates on the Wassenaar Arrangement, AAT; as well as exploring how to combat some of the challenges of the 21st century such as cloud, IT and electronic-data, export violation due to weak cyber security plans.

For those interested to attend, registration is now live on the event website. Early Bird discounts apply.

27-28 September 2017
Crowne Plaza Rome, St Peter’s, Rome, Italy

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