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Security and Counter Terror Expo 2018

6th - 7th March 2018

The UK’s leading national security event for private and public sector security professionals, will return to London in 2018 for UK Security Week.

With a comprehensive programme designed to keep attendees one step ahead of those intent on carrying out attacks, SCTX remains the only event that unites security professionals from all four corners of the world.

Alongside its exhibition, experts from across the globe, including representatives from NATO, Europol and Metropolitan Police, will explore the latest strategies to prevent, protect and prepare for future attacks. For more information about exhibiting and to register to attend, please visit the website.

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Counter Terror Expo - 29/05/2013

Why we need Counter Terrorism more than ever.

By Chris Philips, former head of NaCTSO and consultant for Counter Terror Expo

The terrorist attacks in Boston and the terrible murder of Drummer, Lee Rigby, on the streets of Woolwich should serve as a sharp reminder to us all that terrorism has not gone away.

The Western world is likely to suffer from the threat of terrorism for many years to come and we can be certain the threat will evolve.  I remember very well back in 2005, we were stressing this would be a generational struggle. Eight years later, and even after the degradation of Al Qaeda as an effective organisation, terrorism still remains a major issue for society.

There have, however, been significant changes. We have seen an increase in the threat from the African continent, and the growth of self-radicalisation in the West. Individuals are clearly still willing to kill and be killed for their cause. This self-radicalisation can be achieved with the click of a mouse or a tap on a Smartphone or iPad. All the information and inspiration they need can be accessed in seconds in their own living room, out of sight of family and friends. A key question our society needs to face is how we deal with the un-governed space of the World Wide Web.

There is a danger here though that too much focus on the last attack may lure us into a false sense of security, especially those of us with responsibility for business. It's important to ensure plans aren't limited to the last type of attack.

Had I been writing this before the recent tragic events, the public would almost certainly have viewed terrorism as a very distant threat. Indeed, there are many who still believe terrorism will never affect them. They may very well be right, but they may also be very wrong.

It may appear at this stage that a bombing campaign is off the terrorists' agenda and a far more likely scenario is a small scale attack, like Woolwich. That may be the case but we cannot rule out a totally different type of attack, maybe a major attack on a city centre, its businesses or infrastructure.

We need to continue to discuss and debate the issue of terrorism. To educate those who are at risk - especially those with responsibility for large numbers of staff in city centre buildings. We need to remind people the next attack may not look anything like the last. It is still important to deal with all aspects of protection, from physical barriers to business continuity.

A terrorist attack, unlike a flood, or bird flu could devastate some or all parts of your business, from people to assets - including buildings and infrastructure - to vital information.  It has the power to decimate a business's reputation.

The attacks in Boston and Woolwich were shocking. They emphasise the value for the terrorists of 'doing something different'. We should expect this threat to evolve. The next attack may be on an airliner, or a large vehicle bomb at a gas plant. The fact is - it's the terrorist who decides. They will be looking at their chances of successfully shocking the world and gaining the oxygen of publicity.

So now is not the time to be complacent. The best advice is to make your business as resilient as possible, to plan for the worst and to make sure you test that plan.

Terrorism is going to be around for a long while yet. It's vital to understand the options we have available to protect ourselves and our businesses.

Counter Terror Expo will take place in April 2014 at Olympia, London and is the only dedicated counter-terrorism and security event to discuss the evolving security threat.

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